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Dear Customers,

Honour Marine Safety Equipment Company Ltd. which specialized in marine safety, navigation and fire-fighting equipment, expended its business in 1992. We are one of the suppliers of Hong Kong Marine Dept and approved as an inflatable liferaft servicing station with exemption of survey.

We focus in the sales and servicing of inflatable liferafts, lifeboat & davits and supply of marine safety and survival equipment. We also have good connection in China for navigation service.

It was our honour that in June 2008, our company was invited by the Italian Trade Commission to join a free trip to visit Viareggio for a trade mission.

We are authorized sole agents in Hong Kong for the following :

- AQUAMAR watermaker (Spain)
- Hydrostatic Release Unit (China)
- BALTIC inflatable lifejacket (UK) - LG-3 Lifejacket light (China)
- CSM Liferafts (China) - MING JING ship light (China)
- DANYANG EEBD (China) - “PUJIANG” Fire system & equipment (China)
- EUROSAFE liferaft (Greece) - Thermal Protective Immersion Suit (Dongtai China)
- FUJIKURA & MITSUBISHI liferaft(Japan) - ZODIAC/DBC inflatable liferaft (France/Canada)
- HANSSON Marine Distress Signal (Sweden) - SEALITE Solar Marine Lantern (Australia)


We are also the distributor for the following :
- COMPACT and DATREX drinking water
- Hammar H-20 Hydrostatic Release and food ration (USA) (Sweden)
- AVON boat & spare parts (France)
- SEAB Marine ERVC, BNWAS, TWA (Sweden)
- ABS Fire fighting (Italy)
- Narwhal Inflatable boat (Spain)
- Arimar Marine Lifecraft (Italy)
- Ocean Safety Marine Safety Equipment (UK)

Authorized Service Centre of Lifeboat & Davits :
Beihai (Qingdao) Jiaoyan (Jiangyin) Wolong (Jiangyin)

We are the only marine safety equipment and liferaft servicing company in Hong Kong being accredited ISO 9002 certificate from DNV in August 1996, Approval of Service Suppliers by Lloyd's Register of Shipping and CCS Approval, our international safety standard is guaranteed.

Location of our brand office :
Shanghai China Guangzhou China Singapore Germany

You are welcome to visit our website for more information. We take this opportunity to solicit and welcome your enquires.

Tel : (852) 2819-8417 Fax : (852) 2819-8443
Non Office Hour please call : (852) 9430-2714 Mr. Chan / (852) 6191-7497 Ms. Luk

海安安全用品有限公司成立于1992年。是香港政府海事處的承辦商之一。是 一家海上安全設備用品專門店。 專做海上安全設備買賣,船用救生筏﹐艇的買賣及維修﹐還有各種消防用 品及通訊系統的買賣和維修。是香港海事處認可的免檢的救生筏站。


CSM救生筏, LG.3救生衣燈, 浦江牌消防用品,明睛牌航行燈,上環牌淨水釋放器﹐丹陽EEBD緊急逃生呼吸器﹐東台急救藥包和保溫衣﹐防火衣。

英國BALTIC自動充氣救生衣,日本的FUJIKURA及MITSUBISHI 救生筏的買賣和維修﹐法國ZODIAC和加拿大DBC救生筏代理﹐瑞典 HANSSON 求救信號和西班牙AQUAMAR造水機。

其他代理牌子有 美國的COMPACT 和 DATREX 的淡水和乾糧﹐美國的HAMMAR,釋放器
英國BCB急救藥包 。

中國﹕北海 (青島) 郊燕 (江陰) 臥龍 (江陰)

公司於1996年經考核由DNV船級社發出的ISO9002的質量認可證書及Lloyd’s Register証書同年得到中國船級社CCS批核。在香港我們是首家和唯一的海上安全用品公司得到此信譽,保証符合國際安全標準。


分公司地點 ﹕
- 中國上海 中國廣州 新加坡 德國漢堡

電話: 852- 2819- 8417
傳真: 852- 2819- 8443
非辦公時間:852-9430-2714 852-6191-7497