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1)救生筏 Liferaft
CSM (獨家代理 Sole Agent)
- "A"型 Series A ( 6, 10, 15, 20, 25 people)
- "D"型 吊筏 Series D (20, 25 people)
- 開敞式兩面筏 Series Open Reversible Inflatable (50, 65, 66x2 people)
- 救生筏滑梯 Liferaft Slide MES-S-2.2, MES-S-2.7, MES-S-3.2
- ZODIAC / DBC (獨家代理Sole Agent)
Boat / Spare Parts AVON France

2)救生艇 Lifeboat

3)求救訊號 Marine Pyrotechnics Products
-降傘 Parachute Rocket
-紅手火Handflare Red
-橙煙 Buoyant Smoke Signal Orange
-有燈煙訊號 MOB Light & Smoke Signals with bracket
-拋繩槍 Linethrower
-水泡燈 Lifebuoy Light
江海 JIANG HAI (獨家代理 Sole Agent)
-降傘 Parachute Rocket (Model : RP-300)
-紅手火Handflare Red (Model : RF-60)
-橙煙 Buoyant Smoke Signal Orange (Model : OS-3)
-有燈煙訊號 MOB Light & Smoke Signals with bracket (Model : LS-152)
-拋繩槍 Linethrower (Model : LT-230)

4)救生衣 Life Jacket
BALTIC (獨家代理 Sole Agent)
-自動救生衣 Automatic Single Compartment (Model 1590)
-手動救生衣 Manual Single Compartment (Model 1580)
中國製China Made
-船用救生衣 Marine Life Jacket (Model 5564-1 / 5564-5)
-工作救生衣 Working Life Jacket (Model WYE86)
-水上運動救生衣 Water Sports Life Jacket (Model 85Kg / 50Kg)
-兒童救生衣 Children's Life Jacket (Model HX09A)
-漁船救生衣 Fish Boat Life Jacket (Model 5564-6)

5)救生圈 Lifebuoy
-Datrex ( 2.5Kg, 4.3Kg)
中國製 China Made
-2.5Kg (Model 5555) 4.5Kg (Model 5558)
-24吋兒童救生圈 24 inches Children's Lifebuoy

6)救生衣燈 Life Jacket Light
中國製 China Made (獨家代理 Sole Agent)

7)船用消防員裝備 Marine Fireman's Outfits
中國製 China Made
-防爆手提燈 Electric Safety Lamp (Hand Lantern)
-消防員隔熱服 Fireman's Protective Clothes
-消防斧 Fire Axes
-自給正壓式空氣呼吸器 Self-contained Positive Pressure Air Breathing Apparatus
-耐用救生繩 Fireproof Lifeline

8)緊急呼吸逃生器 EEBD
中國製 China Made (獨家代理 Sole Agent)

9)消防器材 Fire-fighting Equipment
中國浦江 PUJIANG (獨家代理 Sole Agent)
- 推車式二氧化碳滅火器 CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Model : MT-24)
- 手提式二氧化碳滅火器 Portable CO2 Fire Extinguisher (Model : MT2, MT3, MT5, MT7)
- 推車式乾粉滅火器 Barrow Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (Model : MFTZ25, MFTZL25, MFTZ35, MFTZL35)
- 手提式乾粉滅火器Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (Model : MFZ1, MFZL1, MFZ2, MFZL2, MFZ3, MFZL3, MFZ4, -MFZL4, MFZ5, MFZL5, MFZ8, MFZL8)
- 推車式機械泡沬滅火器 Trolley (Mechanical Foamy) Fire Extinguisher (Model : MJPTZ25, MJPTZ40)
- 手提式機械泡沬滅火器 Portable Foam Fire Extinguisher (Model : MJPZ3, MJPZ4, MJPZ6, MJP9)
- ABS Fire Fighting

10)各類IMO瑩光貼紙 All Kind Highlight Stickers of IMO
各類IMO瑩光貼紙 All Kind Highlight Stickers of IMO

11)捲繩機 Longline Spooler
捲繩機 Longline Spooler


13)造水機 Water Maker

Aquamar (Spain)

14)Impressed Current And Anti-Fouling Systems
-海生物防蝕系統 MGPS
-陰極防蝕系統 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System (ICCP)

15)漏油及化學品處理設備 Spill Oil & Chemicals Maintenance Equipment
- 多用途附綿 (可選塊、枕頭、條及粉狀) Absorbents
- 洩漏控制 / 儲存管理 Spill Control & Maintenance

16) 陸上安全用品 Ashore Safety Products

- 安全帽 Safety Helmets
- 安全鞋 Safety Boots (稍後提供)
- 呼吸器 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
“FENZY” Model : AIR 5500

17) 救助艇維修 Rescue Boat Repair

(香港分銷代理 Dealer of Distributor)
- military and professional boats and spare parts